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Columbus Regional Updates Practice Names in the Columbus Regional Health Network

Stephanie Miller
September 17, 2021

Many have noticed the new sign on the front of the hospital, “Center for Robotic Surgery”. With the advanced, state-of-the-art technology Columbus Regional has and its expert, experienced surgeons, people from all over our region are choosing Columbus Regional for their surgery. Not only is Columbus Regional Healthcare System advanced for this community, but we are advanced for our Region. All of our County should take pride in this.

We are bringing the practices in the Columbus Regional Health Network along on this journey with the hospital. They too are advanced; As far as the expert, experienced providers and staff in each practice, the advanced treatment methods and access to CRHS.

On Monday, September 13, 2021 all of the Columbus Regional Health Network practice names will be changed to “Advanced”.

Southeast Primary Care will be Advanced Primary Care.
Southeast Orthopedics will be Advanced Orthopedics.
Southeast Pediatrics will be Advanced Pediatrics.
Southeast Urology will be Advanced Urology.

We have also expanded our footprint in this region. We have opened Primary Care, Urology, and Orthopedic Clinics in Leland, NC, and soon will have an Imaging Center there. These clinics minimize the need for travel for patients in that area who come to Columbus Regional for surgery.

This is a new day for Columbus Regional Healthcare System and its network of practices. We have been advancing healthcare in this region with amazing upgrades in technology in an effort to provide our patients with the most advanced care available. That’s why we are announcing our new practice names and our new tagline or motto: “Patient First. Technology Forward.”

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