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The Columbus Regional Healthcare System Foundation was established in February 2002 to continue the tradition of caring first instilled by Dr. Warren Edward Miller, who established the first 12-patient hospital in Whiteville in 1935. The Foundation’s goal is to strengthen our medical resources right here at home.

The CRHS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. Through charitable gifts, the Foundation helps meet the demand for modern equipment and services that build upon the community’s health resources.

The CRHS Foundation is charged with raising and administering funds that will be used to further charitable, educational and healthcare objectives of the Columbus Regional Healthcare System, as well as develop and administer fundraising campaigns to help CRHS meet its short- and long-range goals.

As more and more state and federal government and private insurers continue to cut and restrict reimbursement payments to hospitals, the Foundation is one way to assist in compensating for this loss in revenue.

From Past to Present

Remembrance - a word that brings to or keeps in mind a specific memory or event. As humans, we have the distinct ability to remember past events and the significance of those times in our lives.

The Columbus Regional Healthcare System Foundation (CRHS) hopes to impress upon the community the importance of the concept “Honoring Our Past and Preparing for our Future.”

Without the foresight of Dr. Miller and his initiative, county citizens would have to seek medical attention elsewhere. From those humble beginnings, a new 60-bed hospital was completed in March, 1940, and the current hospital was built on Jefferson Street in 1977.

In 2005, Columbus Regional Healthcare System completed a renovation project to update our facility. During this project, three new centers were established. For those battling cancer, the Donayre Cancer Care Center is a state-of-the-art facility where patients can receive chemotherapy services without having to travel out of the area for treatment. The Family Birthing Center is where expectant mothers can enjoy the comfort of the hospital’s newly renovated Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms and the latest in pain management, including epidural. The Imaging Center offers new, cutting-edge, open-air MRI.

Today, Columbus Regional Healthcare System boasts an impressive and highly trained medical staff and other healthcare professionals that represent a range of specialties and are dedicated to the well-being of every patient in their care.

Remembrance Giving

A remembrance gift to the CRHS Foundation in honor of a loved one or to memorialize a death, or simply as a show of your appreciation to the healthcare community, is a wonderful way to embrace the Foundation and its goals

Making a remembrance gift to the foundation is easy. Simply call 910-642-9303, and an acknowledgement of your gift will be mailed to the appropriate individual, Your generous gift is tax-deductible, and best of all, it perpetuates gift-giving by informing others of the CRHS Foundations’ purpose.

The Foundation also has several volunteer opportunities for those wishing to contribute their time and energy.

A Continuum of Care

The CRHS Foundation was created to continue the time-honored tradition of care, completing the whole concept of the hospital’s overall mission.

As our county grows, our needs expand. Columbus Regional Healthcare System and its affiliate, CRHS Foundation, have their touch on the pulse of the community. The Foundation is committed to providing the most up-to-date healthcare, equipment and educational programs. You can become a very important part of this mission by supporting the Foundation with your monetary gifts and word of mouth endorsement to other community members.

The Foundation’s mission is cast and its opportunities limitless. Won’t you join us in our search to bring the best in healthcare opportunities and advancement to Columbus County?

Please call 910-642-9303 to inquire about volunteer opportunities or click here to make a donation. Thank you for your support!

If you are making a memorial gift , please remember to include the following information:


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