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Cancer Care

The Donayre Cancer Care Center (DCCC), a part of Columbus Regional Healthcare System, helps people in Southeastern North Carolina battle cancer. Since it's beginning, DCCC has more than doubled the number of patients served, and increased its scope of services to include the treatment of malignant and non-malignant adult blood disorders.

Cardiac Care

No one knows better than Columbus Regional the importance of diagnostic testing to anticipate cardiac problems and the ongoing treatments needed to help patients recover from cardiac events. Columbus Regional’s cardiac care program features a wide variety of non-invasive, diagnostic procedures to monitor cardiac performance.

Center for Robotic Surgery

Columbus Regional Healthcare System is one of the highest volume and most experienced robotic surgical programs in Southeastern North Carolina. Our robotic surgery team is consistently first to introduce new technologies to improve treatment and healing for you.

Critical Care Unit

Our 9-bed Critical Care Unit (CCU) possesses the most modern technology available for the constant monitoring and care of critically ill patients. This special unit is staffed with highly skilled nurses who specialize in caring for the critically ill and will administer close observation to each patient, while catering to their unique condition or situation.

Emergency Department

When people suffer life-threatening injuries or illnesses, our Emergency Department (ED) has the technology and expertise to see them through the crisis. Our ED physicians and the ED staff are all standing ready to take care of any emergency that comes through the door.

Family Birthing Center

The Birthing Center at Columbus Regional Healthcare System is so much more than just a place to have a baby. It is warm surroundings and experienced staff. It is the expertise and emergent care needed to take care of you and your little one in the event of a challenging birth. We provide the comfort and convenience of luxurious private birthing suites and so much more.

Imaging Services

At Columbus Regional Healthcare, we’re more than just a convenient place to receive imaging services using the latest diagnostic technology. Our board-certified, highly trained radiologists and technicians are dedicated to an exceptional patient experience. Prompt appointment scheduling, patient comfort during exams, and industry-leading report turnaround times.

Laboratory Services

The tests offered help manage the health of our community and contribute to its wellness. Test results allow for cost-effective preventive medicine and help physicians make early diagnoses of diseases, when cures are most likely.

Lung Cancer Screenings

Columbus Regional Healthcare System offers lung cancer screenings for early detection of lung cancer for individuals with a high risk of developing the disease, including those with a history of cigarette smoking or exposure to lung cancer-causing agents.


Dr. Sarah Gore and Dr. Amanda LaBenne will join our team of OB and Gynecological providers this January and are ready to continue the path of excellent care that has been laid before them. Partnering with Baldwin Woods Gynecology, this group will make a formidable impact on the health of women and their babies for years to come!


At Columbus Regional Healthcare System our vision for providing more surgical services close to home is coming into focus. We have teamed up with our area’s most experienced Ophthalmologists to provide a wide-variety of surgical procedures of the eye.

Orthopedic Services

Whether it's playing sports or just being able to move without pain, we know how important movement is. Whatever it is that moves you forward, we can help you get there. From strained joints to torn tendons to full joint replacement, we will work with you to collaborate on the best treatment plan for you and get you back to feeling whole again.

Pediatric Care

Columbus Regional Healthcare System is committed to providing quality pediatric healthcare to the children of Columbus County and surrounding communities. Our commitment includes 24/7 hospital pediatric coverage through board-certified pediatricians, and a full spectrum of pediatric services at Advanced Pediatrics and Advanced Family Care in Whiteville.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy plays an important role in the healing process for many people who have suffered injuries due to an accident, illness or disease. Our Physical Therapy staff offers a variety of treatments and expertise that bring patients back to a better quality of life after an injury or illness, and gives them the tools to maintain the quality of mobility and function.

Preoperative Clinic

The goal of Columbus Regional’s Preoperative Clinic is to identify, communicate, and minimize patient’s specific risks of surgery and anesthesia. Patient education and engagement are emphasized during the visit.

Primary Care Services

Primary Care is an essential step in one's health care. It is the point of entry and focal point, providing a centralized method of monitoring one's health on a daily basis, through times of peak health and times of illness. As such, Columbus Regional offers primary care services at three different locations.

Surgical Care

Columbus Regional’s Surgical Services Department is ready for whatever surgical situations might come through the door. Our surgeons are on board to handle everything from elective surgeries to the most sophisticated procedures imaginable. They're backed by highly talented surgical teams and empowered by world-class technology.


We are proud to offer a collaborative approach to the diagnosis and treatment of urological problems for men, women and children. From minimally invasive surgery to leading edge treatments of incontinence or kidney stones, we ensure that each patient receives the most advanced care in urology services, close to home.

Weight Loss Surgery

Columbus Regional is here to help guide you on the path to a healthier life and weight with our weight loss surgery and supportive services.

Wound Care

Over six million Americans suffer from wounds that do not heal properly. Many times patients are unaware that they should see a specialist who can help their recurring wound. Complications from diabetes, radiation treatments, vascular disorders and traumatic injuries are a few of the common causes of wounds that do not heal well.
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